Gas Springs Warranty


SPECIAL SPRINGS guarantees that the gas springs manufactured and sold by SPECIAL SPRINGS are free from manufacturing defects. This Warranty is valid for the period of (2) two years from the date of purchase, or for 200,000 linear meters of stroke*, or for 2,000,000 strokes, whichever occurs first. The Warranty is applicable only to gas springs installed, used, and repaired according to SPECIAL SPRINGS guidelines. In case of alleged defect, all useful information shall be notified to SPECIAL SPRINGS, including the date of purchase and the working conditions of gas springs.

*100,000 linear meters for the HT Series  

Before using the SPECIAL SPRINGS gas springs, always refer to the information on the safety and the compliance with regulations that are indicated on the Instruction Sheet, the technical documentation and/or on the website
Some countries may have limitations on the use of gas springs. Verify the existence of any restrictions with the local authorities.

By “WARRANTY” it is meant the repair or free replacement of the product, which is recognized by SPECIAL SPRINGS as defective in manufacture or materials. In any case, SPECIAL SPRINGS reserves the right, at its discretion, to replace the product itself.

Warranty WILL NOT APPLY to damages caused by negligence, use and installation not in compliance with the warning and indications contained on the installation / instruction sheet, by bad use, abuse, deterioration, lightning, atmospheric events, overvoltage and overpower, by insufficient or irregular electrical feeding, by damages occurred during storage or transport of the device to the customer. The warranty will neither apply to damages caused by adaption or modification, nor to damages caused by a use judged as improper or in contradiction with the technical or safety prescriptions required by the country of use of the gas springs.

SPECIAL SPRINGS declines any responsibility for contingent damages that may be caused, directly or indirectly, to people, things, or animals as a result of the failure to follow the prescriptions indicated on the Instruction Sheet, the technical documentation and/or on the website, which are related, in particular, to the warnings concerning installation, use and maintenance of the gas springs.

If, during the warranty period, one or more parts will be replaced during repair with either components non-authorized by SPECIAL SPRINGS, or with parts not meeting SPECIAL SPRINGS specifications on appropriate quality and safety, or again if the reparation is made by personnel NON-AUTHORIZED by SPECIAL SPRINGS, or in any other case of alteration of the product, the buyer will lose the right to reparation or replacement UNDER WARRANTY.

All parts eventually replaced will become property of Special Springs.

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